Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


  1. General Terms

1.1 By using our services, you agree to comply with the following Terms & Conditions. Please read them carefully before placing an order.

1.2 These Terms & Conditions govern the relationship between Lingo Olé Translations (“we” or “us”) and you, the client.

1.3 Any special terms and conditions applicable to a specific job shall be outlined in the quote provided after acceptance, and shall be considered an integral part of these Terms & Conditions.

  1. Orders

2.1 Orders are considered accepted once a quote has been agreed upon by both parties and/or an order confirmation has been accepted by both parties.

2.2 The client is responsible for providing accurate and detailed information regarding the requested translation services.

2.3 We reserve the right to refuse any job that is deemed inappropriate, illegal, or against our ethical guidelines.

  1. Deadlines and Force Majeure

3.1 We will make every effort to meet agreed-upon deadlines for projects. However, we shall not be held responsible for delays caused by events beyond our control, including but not limited to force majeure events such as natural disasters, acts of terrorism, or disruptions in communication networks.

3.2 The agreed delivery deadlines only start running from the time in which the order is confirmed by Lingo Oé Translations. 

  1. Translations process

4.1 We assign each translation to a qualified translator who is specialised and experienced in the field of your document.

4.2 Our translators follow the most up-to-date processes used within the translation industry while carrying out each translation. They use the most commonly accepted standard industry terminology.

4.3 Should you require the use of specific terminology you use within your company, you must inform us of this at the time of placing your order. In order for us to be able to comply with your specific terminology, you will be asked to provide us with as much information as possible to assist our translators (glossaries, lists etc.). Failure to provide us with said information will mean our translators will translate as per stated in the above Point 4.2.

  1. Delivery

5.1 Our standard form of delivery of completed translation (and other documents) is electronically by email.

5.2 Please provide us with the exact email you want the completed work to be delivered to.

5.3 On your request, we may be able to organise delivery by another means (post, courier…). You will be billed for the costs incurred in postage, delivery by courier, etc.

5.4 We shall not be held responsible for any delays or other issues due to the use of a third party delivery service as referred to in Point 5.4.

  1. Error Notification

6.1 The client is kindly requested to notify us within 15 days of receiving the translated work if they come across any errors or discrepancies.

6.2 If an error notification is received within the specified timeframe, we will promptly review and rectify any errors at no extra charge, on the condition that such errors are a result of our translation process and not caused by inaccurate or incomplete information provided by the client.

  1. Payment

7.1 Payment for our services shall be made as specified in the quote or order confirmation.

7.2 Payment for our services shall be made in accordance with the payment terms specified in the quote or order. Unless otherwise agreed upon, invoices are due within 15 days from the date of issuance.

7.3 Corporate clients (B2B) may request specific payment terms to be accepted at our discretion at the time of placing the order. 

7.4 Private clients are required to make payment at the time of placing their order.

7.5 We reserve the right to request a deposit or bank guarantee for certain orders, at our discretion.

7.6 All payments shall be made in the currency stated in the quote or order confirmation, unless otherwise agreed upon.

7.7 Payment is due within the agreed-upon timeframe. Failure to make payment within this timeframe may result in additional charges or suspension of services.

  1. Confidentiality

8.1 We treat all client information and materials as strictly confidential. However, we cannot be held responsible for any breaches of confidentiality that occur during the transmission of data over the internet or other communication networks.

Last Updated: May 2023