IT Translations

IT Translations, done right

Lingo Olé Translations is the premier translation service for legal professionals, offering high-quality, accurate, and reliable translations.

We are the language experts of IT

Our team of experienced translators can translate all you IT needs. We offer a wide range of IT translation services including:

  • System description and user manuals
  • Technical documentation (user guides, installation instructions etc.)
  • Software localisation
  • Website localisation

Our dedicated localisation team can translate your entire website from A to Z, taking care of both the actual translation as well as the technical side—translating each page’s text and recreating links so that visitors from around the world can navigate seamlessly.

We can also help you with the technicalities of multilingual SEO. We will ensure that your website is set up to work in a multilingual environment and we will help you optimise your website for all local search engines, including Google.

Interested in translation in another of our areas of specialisation?

We don’t only do I.T. translations. Check out our other fields of specialisation. If you have a document from another field, just ask us, as it more likely than not that we have an expert translator in our Team.