Are you looking for a comprehensive translation service? Look no further than Lingo Olé!

We always have the right solution for you

Guaranteed Quality

We only use the most experienced professional mother-tongue translators to ensure top quality translations every time.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Each document will be customised and culturally adapted to perfectly match the target audience and capture the true meaning behind it.

Global Reach

Get global coverage with the ability to reach all types of audiences, regardless of language.


We specialise in translating the following languages:

Regional variants & dialects:

Our Team of translators includes native translators who will adapt your documents to the specific audience of their variant.

These variants include:

  • English for GB, the US or Ireland. 
  • French for France, Belgium, Switzerland or Quebec.
  • German for Germany, Austria or Switzerland.
  • Portuguese for Portugal or Brazil.
  • Spanish for Spain or Latin American variants.

Our main areas of expertise

Our Team of Translators offer a wide range of specialised services, in addition to general translation. Our team are highly qualified in a variety of fields (as listed below). With this diverse range of experience, our team are able to provide highly accurate and specialised translations that meet our clients’ needs. Our translators are experts in their respective fields and have a deep understanding of the specific terminologies and cultural nuances that need to be taken into account for a successful translation.

Our 6 Steps to Success

Every translation order adheres to our core 6-stop process guaranteeing optimum quality with every order you place



You place your order.

We ensure we have the right specialised language experts available for your project.

We control your documents and confirm all your project specifications.



We now assign your project to the selected expert or team of experts.



Your document is translated in accordance to the agreed requirements of the project.



Our quality control process takes place now that the initial translation is finalised.

We control the document formatting/layout to ensure it matches the original document.



Your translation is delivered on time to you in the format and way agreed with you.



We remain available for any follow-up you may require.

With your agreement, we may send you a satisfaction questionnaire which enables us to make sure we are always responding to your needs.